Food Manufacturing Facility – North Georgia

This project was part of the initiation of a preventative maintenance and routine cleaning schedule implemented by a manufacturer in north Georgia. The scope of work included cleaning of air handler units as well as associated ductwork. As with most industrial environments, you can see significant contaminant buildup related to the product manufactured in the facility. The contaminant here included a fine yet sticky powder-like substance.

As with all industrial environments, the nature of the contaminant determines the cleaning technique to be used. We have scraped, mopped, and even shoveled contaminants from ductwork to ensure effective removal!

Due to the sticky nature of the contaminant and the extremely large ducts in this project, manual cleaning was required. Using a squeegee technique and hand-wiping the ductwork proved to be the most effective.

Industrial projects always present the most unique challenges, but also provide some of the most dramatic results! See more in our portfolio!

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