Hospital ORs – South Georgia

This project was completed as part of a remodel and upgrade in the surgical wing of a south Georgia hospital. Air Quality Systems partnered with the mechanical company replacing the air handler units to clean the associated ductwork as part of the changeout.

Planning our work in a phased approach, targeting only specific areas during each phase, was key to the success of the project with downtime and the number of available operating rooms being a critical concern. This planning also required allowing for adequate access to useable areas of the surgical wing while containment of affected areas was in place. We were able to work with hospital personnel to develop a schedule that maximized the efficiency of our crew while maintaining access to critical areas and equipment outside of containment.

The scope of the air duct cleaning included returns, supplies, exhausts and risers supplied by each air handler unit dedicated to serving the surgical wing. The full scope of work was completed in five separate 3-day periods, Friday to Sunday, to prevent disruption of regularly scheduled procedures.

Tremendous amounts of debris related to opening of sterile packaging and past use of linens in the surgical environment was removed from the ductwork, particularly the return and exhaust portions of the system. The removal of this debris immediately improved airflow, reducing the workload on the newly replaced systems.

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