Do you know what’s inside your HVAC System?

Have you noticed growth in your home? Have you experienced water damage? These could be signs of a larger problem with microbial growth.

We work with remediators across the Atlanta metro area to address concerns with microbial growth (commonly referred to as “mold”).

Visible signs of growth:

Sometimes growth on vents is limited to just that and is not a cause for concern about ”what’s inside” the system.

On the other hand, there are sometimes no external indicators of growth in an HVAC system, and the inside can be absolutely covered!

Air Quality Systems has the capability to clean most systems contaminated with microbial growth (depending on the type of ductwork in the home), and extend the life of these systems, minimizing the need for replacement and preventing future growth!

After a thorough HVAC system and air duct cleaning, we apply a specialized anti-fungal coating designed for use inside insulated sections of HVAC systems to seal out air, eliminate the spread of spores, and prevent future growth in that area of the system.

We are also proud to offer UltraVation products which use UV light and advanced filtration as a non-invasive, low-maintenance option to mitigate any future growth.


UV Products

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