In addition to full HVAC system and air duct cleaning, we also offer cleaning of air handler units as a stand-alone service.

There are a variety of reasons to clean only the air handler unit (AHU) of an HVAC system—including tackling a project in phases for budgeting purposes, addressing the AHU as the source of a particular concern, or as part of an overall maintenance program.

Despite use of the best filtration products on the market, every AHU eventually becomes contaminated with the particles that somehow bypass the filtration system. Keeping the AHU clean is a critical step to maintaining the cleanliness of all the ductwork downstream, which can extend the amount of time between cleaning of the ductwork, offering considerable savings over time, and improve efficiency of the AHU.

While mechanical companies monitor filter changes and maintenance of mechanical components, most do not address deep cleaning units.

Whether the unit serving your space is a rooftop unit (RTU) or housed within the building in a mechanical room or above the ceiling, we can address the need for its cleaning.

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AHU Cleaning

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